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MPPSC Mains General Studies Paper III 

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Alok Gupta 

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Date: April 4, 2020, 2:13 p.m.

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This course will provides you with all the relevant content that one requires to ace the General Studies (Paper III) Exam in MPPSC Mains to be conducted in 2020-21.


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note thumbnail GS3 - Unit II - General Chemistry 04 May, '20'
note thumbnail GS3 - Unit I - General Physics 04 May, '20'
note thumbnail GS3 - Unit III - General Biology 04 May, '20'
note thumbnail GS3 - Unitt IX - Enviromental Awareness 04 May, '20'
note thumbnail GS3 - Unitt X - Geological Studies 04 May, '20'
note thumbnail GS3 - Unit V - Basic Mathematics 04 May, '20'
note thumbnail GS3 - Unit IV - Computer Science 04 May, '20'
note thumbnail GS3 - Unit VI - Health Scenario 04 May, '20'
note thumbnail GS3 - Unit VII - Technological Development 04 May, '20'
note thumbnail GS3 - Unit VIII - Energy Scenario 04 May, '20'

Test Series

Madhya Pradesh GK Quiz Series (E+H)




• Work, Power and Energy- Gravitational Force, Friction, Atmospheric Pressure and Work

• Units and Measurement, Example from daily life

• Speed, Velocity, Acceleration

• Sound: - Definition, Medium of Propagation, Audible and inaudible sound, Noise and Music.

Terminology related with Sound: - Amplitude, Wave Length, Frequency of Vibration

• Electricity: - Different types of Cell, Circuit.

• Magnet: - Properties, preparation and uses of artificial magnet

• Light: - Reflection, Refraction, Mirrors and Lenses, Image Formation,

• Heat: Measuring Temperature, Thermometers, Transformation of Heat



• Element, Compound and Mixture: - Definition, Chemical Symbols. Properties, Availability on the Earth

• Material: - Metals and Nonmetals, Periodic Table and Periodicity

• Atom, Atomic Structure, Valence. Bonding, Nuclear Fusion and Fission

• Acids, Bases and Salts.PH Value Indicators.

• Physical and Chemical Changes

• Chemistry in daily life



• Micro-organism and Organic Farming

• Cell -Structure and Function Classification of Animals and Plants

• Nutrition in plants, animals and human beings, Balanced Diet, Vitamins, Deficiency Diseases. Hormones

• Body Organs of Human Beings, Structure and Functioning

• Respiration in Organisms

• Transportation in Animals and Plants

• Reproduction in Animals and Plants

• Health and Hygiene and Diseases



• Types of Computers, Characteristics and Generation

• Memory, Input and Output Devices, Storage Devices, Software and Hardware, Operating systems, Windows, Uses of Microsoft office.

• Computer Languages, Translators, Compilers, Interpreters and Assemblers

• Intel, E-mail

• Social Media

• E -Governance.

• Different useful Portals, Sites and Web Pages.



• Numbers and its type, Methods of Unit Measurement. Equations and Factors, Profit loss. Percentage, Simple and Compound Interest, Ratio Proportion

• Statistics: - Probability. Measurement of Central Tendency (Mean, Mode, Median) and Variance, Types of Sampling



• Communicable diseases and their Prevention

• National Vaccination Programme.

• Primary knowledge of AYUSH Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha Homeopathy

• Health Related Important Welfare Schemes of Central and State Government

• Major Health Organizations of Central and the State Government.



• Effects of Development on Human Life, Limitations of Indigenous Technologies

• History of Remote Sensing. Remote Sensing in India

• Indian Space Research Organization, (ISRO). Raja Ramanan Center for Atomic Technology (RRCAT). Satish Dhawan Space Center (SDSC) Sriharikota. Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO). Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC), Mumbai. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai. National Atmospheric Research Laboratory (NARL). Tirupati, Liquid Propulsion System Center (LPSC). Bengaluru. Space Application Center (SAC), Ahmedabad - Indian Deep Space Network (IDSN). Ramanagara Indian Space Science Data Center (ISSDC), Ramanagaram - Vikram Sarabhai Space Center (VSSC), Thiruvananthapuram - Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST), Thiruvananthapuram- National Remote Sensing Center (NRSC), Hyderabad. Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS). Dehradun. (General information of above institutions)

• Generations of Geostationary Satellite Launch Vehicles

• Biotechnology Definition uses in Sector of Health and Medicine Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Industry and Environment.

• Clones, Robots and Artificial Intelligence.

• Patents and Rights of Intellectual Property (Trips, Trims)

• Contribution of Indians in the field of Science and Technology: Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman. Hargovind Khurana, Jagdish Chandra Basu, Homi Jehangir Bhabha, M. Vishveshrayya, Srinivasa Ramanujan, Vikram Sarabhai, A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, Satyendra Nath Bose. Raja Ramanna, Prafullchandra Roy

• National and International Awards in the field of Science



• Conventional and Non-Conventional Sources of Energy: Meaning Definition, Examples and Differences

• Energy Efficiency. Energy Management. Organizational Integration, Energy Management in Operational Functions, Energy Purchase, Production, Production planning and Control. Maintenance

• Issues and Challenges related with Energy Strategies

• Alternative Sources of Energy: Present scenario and future possibilities Solar Energy, Wind Energy. Ocean Energy. Geothermal Energy. Biomass Energy, Biofuel Energy etc.



• Definition, Scope and Dimensions of Environment: - Physical, Economic. Cultural Educational Psychological etc. Concepts of Environment in Indian context, Concepts of Environment in Modern World.

• Effect of human activities on Environment, Ethics and Values related to Environment: Biodiversity. Environmental Pollution. Environmental Changes

• Issues and challenges related with Environment, Causes and effects of Environmental Degradation.

• Environmental Education - Programme for Mass Awareness Environmental Education and its relationship with Health and Safety.

• Eco friendly Technologies. Conservation of Energy, Constitutional provisions related to Environment and its Protection Environmental Protection Policies and Regulatory Framework



• Definition and importance of Geology. Earth- Crust, Mantle, Core Lithosphere, Hydrosphere, Origin and Age of Earth, Geological Time Scale, Rock-Definition, Types of Rocks-Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic Rocks Minerals and Ores, Fossils, Weathering and Erosion.

Formation of soil Groundwater Natural Coal Natural Oil and Gas


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